The purpose of AOG Bay is to create a platform for airline technicians where they can decide the salary for their service. These rates are always competitive because we don’t have any additional costs.
Contact us at
info@aogbay.com or 0031 622546901

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Reliable technicians

We have access to highly trained qualified staff with over 25 years of line and base experience. This platform is accessible worldwide.

Financially attractive

Hiring via AOG Bay is 30-50 % cheaper than hiring a regular tech company or traditional airline. The engineer or mechanic can decide the salary. Normaly you don’t have a high start fee. Just contact the potential employee and make the deal. Short-term contact is possible to ask if anyone has got time to help you directly.

A great community

To achieve a reliable community of technicians and airlines, we check every new person who registers with us. With AOG Bay it's now easier then ever to find aircraftmechanics. We treat your data with care and in confidence. The processing of your data is through the requirements of the Data Protection Act. If you have questions about the outcome of the ID check, you can contact our community support team by sending an e-mail to info@aogbay.com.