Andre Castricum


Licensed Engineer B1 (lead) and C-staff

Currently working for KLM Freighter team at Amsterdam , Before Project lead at Bombardier Aerospace Amsterdam, and performing AOG coverage in EMEA region, aswell as line maintenance upon request.

License type Aircraft type Engine type
B1 B777-200/300 GE
B1 A320 Family all types
B1 B747-400 all types
B1 B747-400 all types
B1 Challanger 300 all types
B1 BD-700 series all types
B1 BD-100-1A10 all types
B1 BD-100-1A10 RR
B1 Bombardier RR
B1 F50 -
B1 F70 RR
B1 B777-200/300 RR
Cat C Bombardier all types
Cat C B757 - 200/300 all types
Cat C A320 Family -
Cat C F50 -
Cat C F70 -
Cat C B777-200/300 -
Cat C B747-400 -
Cat C A320 Family CFM56